There are so many factors that come into play when deciding when is the best time to sell you home. I am often asked by clients if there truly is a perfect time to sell. Realistically, there is no set answer to that question as everyone’s situation is different. Many clients will try and “time” the market and sell in a “Sellers” market. A Sellers’ market is when lots of people are looking for homes but there are only a few available. This means that the Seller has something that everyone wants. A Buyer’s market is when there are more homes for sale then there are buyers looking. This is a very simplistic view of it all as there are many factors that come into play in determining whether it truly is a Buyer or Seller Market but this will give you a general idea.

The reality is that most people who are selling a home will be purchasing another property. Saying that it stands to reason that anytime truly is a good time to make a move. Even if you do sell in a Buyers’ market you will then have more negotiating room on your purchase or vise versa.

The other myth I often see is that the spring market is the only time to sell. While the spring market does see the most activity, many of my clients are very successful selling other times of the year. It all comes down to supply and demand. You see in the spring there are many homes for Buyers to choose from while in the winter months or even fall many sellers will take their homes off the market in order to avoid moving during the winter. This reduction in the number of homes for sale can allow your home to stand out in the crowd and may even yield you a higher selling price.

This can often be a very stressful question for many of my clients. Again, every situation is different and I will listen to all your concerns and needs prior to making a recommendation. That being said there are a few things that can help make that decision easier. I always recommend my clients speak with their mortgage lender about “Bridge Financing”. This is when the lender agrees to lend you the down payment for your new dream home, while you still cover the mortgage on your existing property until we get it sold. I can also often negotiate some time for us to get your home sold with the Seller of your new home. This allows you to secure your Dream home ahead of selling your current one.

Should you chose not to look at homes until after we have your home sold, I can also often negotiate time for you to look for your new home. This strategy of selling your current home first allows you to often negotiate a better purchase price on your new home as you have less conditions. Sellers will often see this as an advantage and be come down a little in price in order to attract a quick, stress-free sale.

When shopping for a new home people like to be able to picture themselves living there. They want to imagine their own family photos on the mantel etc. Home staging is the act of preparing your home to be presented in the best light possible. The goal is to make your home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers, allowing you to stand out in the crowd and sell as quickly as possible. Every home I list will receive complimentary staging by a staging professional. It is one of the many tools I use to ensure my clients get top dollar for their investments!
More then 80% of home Buyers begin their shopping process online! They will google, and search mls for their dream home long before they step foot in your doorway. As your chosen Realtor it is my job to make sure it is your doorstep they come to first! A set of professional photographs and a virtual tour is a guarantee that your home is showing its best online. In addition to this allowing Buyers to see the flow of your home will often allow them to picture themselves living there before they have even made an appointment to view it!
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