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Are you looking for a new home? Are you aware there is a right way and a wrong way to go about finding the home of your dreams? Many people I work with start their search doing it all the wrong way. They spend hours scouring the internet for new listings, usually only to find that the one that would have been perfect for them sold before they managed to find it! It can be frustrating and time consuming. The good news is I can help!

By filling in the Buyer VIP form below I will help you search like a Realtor! I will add the information you give me to my online system which will automatically send you emails when homes which match your search criteria are listed…. IMMEDIATELY. What many people don’t realize is that when a Realtor lists a home, it can take up to 2 days for it to appear on So while that listing is new to you it is not a new listing to myself or anyone I am working with. We have likely already had time to not only learn of it, but view it, and possibly write an offer!

I know many people fear giving their information to Realtors. I’ve heard the horror stories of multiple phone calls, etc. I want you to know I love what I do. Truly. Everyday, I work towards helping people achieve their dreams. Most of my business is through referral, from my past clients and I don’t need or want to harass you. What I do want is to educate people on the Buying and Selling process, and make their lives easier along the way. When you fill in the form below, I will simply enter in your information, and send you listings when they come up. You can let me know if you have questions, or when you see something you would be interested in viewing and I will make the appointment. It really is that simple.

Tasha Carriere

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